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HC is a unique digital collection of 9,999 Hugtus NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Hugtus is the club of visionaries going from Web 2.0 to 3.0. Our 2D Hugtus Collection representing Web 2.0 is now on sale. All Hugtus owners will receive free 3D Hugtus avatars.

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For the 3D Hugtus airdrop, you must have a Genesis (2D) Hugtus NFT. When we become a family of 2,500 people, 3D Hugtus NFT will be sent for free to your wallets.

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Road Map!

1K Members

3D Hugtus –
Free Airdrop

Free 3D Hugtus airdrop to all genesis Hugtus owners.

3K Members

Hugtus Club –
Metaverse Opening

We are opening our exclusive club center for Hugtus members on Metaverse.

5K Members

Hugtus –
Private Mobile App

Mobile application and NFT Wallet exclusive to Hugtus members only.

7.5K Members

Board Selection —
Open to all members

We elect our board of directors from our community members.
Each of our members can participate in the election or vote.

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Cacti (Crew)

#Hugtus (Cyber NFT Club)